Week 3 & 4 Vacation


That’s what one of my favorite little guys says – all long and drawn out – when he’s coming up with a reason why he doesn’t want to do something. I have all sorts of reasons why I haven’t been posting. Not because I don’t want to though. The main ones are that I’ve been busy enjoying my boys (including my nephews) and trying to figure out how to translate that from vacation to real life because it’s been sooo good. (Quality of life people.) Also, my phone ended up on the bottom of my beach bag where a water bottle leaked. It died and therefore no phone or pictures for a few days. I’m back in business now and planning for reentry to real life.

Truly this trip has been so good for us. We’ve been able to fully relax. It’s just a bonus to see Nafe thriving so much. I can only attribute how well he’s doing to regular naps, which he doesn’t often get at home due to our insane schedule, the fact that there is always someone around to hold and love on him, and he’s been able to get some fresh sea salty air. It’s such fun to see him interact with his cousin that’s only days younger. I’ve been enjoying him for him and not obsessed with learning on how to “fix” him. I know that’s not possible, but with all of the therapy interventions I think sometimes in my mind things get all jumbled up. I confuse being proactive, with making him “better.” I’m starting to realize and accept that his development and progress is not all up to us and what we do to intervene. Not that we’ll stop therapy, but it’s certainly giving us lots to pray about and think on regarding our schedule for the coming year.

It’s also been a bonding time for M and me. We’ve been doing things one-on-one or with his auntie and cousin. He’s thriving on the attention and energy burning activities. My perspective of who he is and what he needs has widened. I realize that over the last year that much was expected of him. He was expected to come along to the doctor’s office, therapy appointments, having people he didn’t know enter our home multiple times a day, being dropped off at friends’ homes a couple times a week, and have a lot of people talk about N instead of him. And he did well. He rose to the occasion. However, I need to invest more in him in the coming year. It’s my last year at home with him before kindergarten and I don’t want to miss a single second of special time with him.

My focus going home needs to be connection to God and close friends, simplifying our lifestyle, and improving our health, not just for Nafe, but also my husband and me. I need to parse out what that will look like on a practical level but at least I have a starting point for reentry…which starts on Monday!

Since I have very few photos to share from the phone drowning incident, I’ll leave you with this smile.

Who smiles like that? Nafe, that’s who!

We call them “scrunchy face” smiles. It takes him something to work up to it. You can tell he’s thinking real hard. Then suddenly one comes on like a flash. His whole face scrunches up. Then as quickly as it comes, it’s gone. Practically every muscle in his face works hard to pull off a smile like that. They’ve been getting more frequent since we’ve been here and he’s holding them much longer. I think it’s a sign that he likes vacation. It will be interesting to see what happens when we get home.

I will teach you and guide you in the way you should go. I will keep you under my eye. – Psalm 32:8

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