Week 1 Vacation

It’s been pretty much nonstop fun and relaxation since we arrived.

Day 1: Pool and pictures of our whole family.

Day 2: Beach and birthday party for the little boys.

Day 3: my husband and I escaped to Charleston for the night. My parents, sister and brother in-law took great care of the boys. Our first night away since both boys were born. We did go to Africa when M was a toddler but it wasn’t a trip for us. This one was and it was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.

It’s been so good for my spirit to just enjoy N outside if therapy and doctor stuff. He’s doing typical baby stuff. And M is doing typical boy stuff with his little cousin and new found buddy.

Yesterday, when my husband and I got back from Charleston, M said to me, “Do we have to go home now?” No buddy. Now that we’ve done some of the major things we planned, we’re settling into the routine of pool, beach, dinner, rinse, repeat.

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