We Will Survive

Right before Christmas we caught influenza. (N and me.)

Last week, some unknown stomach bug. (N, M, and me.)

This week RSV. (Just N.)

It’s been fun.

I am worn down by the germs and the cleaning and the laundry and just plain being stuck at home. On top of that it’s been unusually cold here and we can’t go outside. I’m feeling panicked that I’ve not been out of my house talking to adults. And I’m feeling all the more frantic for M. He has energy that cannot be fully expressed within the walls of our little home. We went down to get the mail a couple of nights ago. He ran a whole block nonstop to the mailbox. We got the mail. He ran nonstop all the way back home. Endless. Energy.

However, there are multiple bright sides.

No therapy. I really did not realize how much the trips to therapy and doctors appointments have been exhausting me. It’s been a nice break. Even though we’ve been sick, it feels normal. And normal is not a bad thing.

It’s also forced me to get creative. M is constantly coming up with fun, playful things to do. Yesterday he declared it “Lovie Bear’s Birthday” so I just went with it. He decorated his dresser with Legos because “that’s what Lovie Bear wants.” Then, we decided to bake some cornbread muffins from scratch since I had a pot of chili in the Crockpot (inspired by Charina’s meal last week). All we did for Lovie’s birthday cake was stick a candle in the cornbread muffin and M was ecstatic. We each wrapped him a present. M got him a yellow crayon. I got him a pretty green ribbon to to wear.

Prior to the birthday celebration we made the crown M is wearing in this picture because, “Jesus is the King, mommy.” (Love that kid.) And also multiple paper airplanes. Even a four-year-old can who loves TV can only watch so much TV.

So now that we’ve had flu, tummy bug, and RSV I think we’re done here. Quota filled. N’s proven he can take on sickness. M’s proven he’s always up for a good time, no matter the circumstances. G’s proven if you work in healthcare you’re much less likely to get sick. I’ve proven to not completely lose it…so far.

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