We Celebrate Small Victories

MRI scheduled, Monday October 28th.

After patiently waiting four days for “them” to call me back, I spent the entire morning/early afternoon tracking down the Doctor’s order to get this MRI on the calendar. It wasn’t the fault of our insurance either. Everyone wanted to blame the insurance company but they do not require prior approval. It’s Seton approving Seton afterall.

Now I know all about lumbar verses full spine MRI; contrasts verses no contrasts; sedated verses non-sedated. And now I owe that nice lady at the GI office a Starbucks since I called her no less than five times today. I realize my doctor’s nurse is no longer my doctor’s nurse which is why he hasn’t been calling me back this week. I also now know which imagining department to call and which fax number to use. I even know the tipping point at which I actually dial the Doctor’s cell phone to get things moving. It was quite an educational morning.

This is so not for the faint of heart.

That’s why we celebrate small victories. That’s why I am off to enjoy a few pieces of snacking chocolate. And I’m not even going to feel guilty because it’s dark chocolate and because we actually have a MRI scheduled.

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