It’s 6:15 am as I write this and I finally have a sleeping baby in my lap. I never thought morning would come. We’re “on vacation” in San Antonio. my husband found a 2-nights-for-1 deal at the Wild Oak resort. It was a little getaway we thought we needed. Something nearby and manageable. Something to fill the void of the beach vacation we planned to do for my brother-in-law’s 40th in August.

my husband and I took shifts all night and all weekend holding a screaming Nathan. His pain has increased significantly in the last couple of weeks. When we give him medicine to help move things through the GI system, he does have bouts of relief but then it’s not long before he appears to start getting dehydrated. We are trying to manage so many different variables. It’s a tight rope walk to get things right. We are falling off more than staying on these days.

Despite the Nathan challenges (and loads of baby gear and medical equipment we lugged along) there were moments of relaxation and fun. This really was a trip for Mac and I think he enjoyed it!

I’ll let these pictures tell the story of our trip…

Smores the first night:

Hula Hooping:

Coloring (it was a too overcast and spitting rain to go in the pool):


Making friends with a statue and “Clockapie” his stuffed animal friend in the gift shop:

Nathan along for the ride:

Rockin’ and relaxin’:

my husband and I took turns taking Mac to the pool. (It was just too cold to take Nathan. And frankly, he’s just too loud when he really gets going.) Each time we’ve been to the Wild Oak I’ve wanted to take Mac down the water slide. This time I thought he was big enough to go. We went one time and then the attendant told us M wasn’t tall enough. “Yes buddy it is hard for mommy to obey the rules too. That slide was so much fun I really wanted to take you again!” I wish I had pictures of that.

Yet another attempt at being a normal family. Attempts we will keep making. Often when we do things like this it reminds me of how hard we need to work on feeding therapy and finding ways for him to eat by mouth. I do have hope that one day he will be without g-tube. That alone would be jumping a huge hurdle and make things much, much easier.

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