Triple Scope Day

It feels a little different than last time. Same hospital. Same operating area. Same baby and same mommy and daddy. But we’re more connected, more bonded now.

He’s smiled at me. He’s snuggled asleep beside me. He looks toward my voice in a room. And he does his little owl sounding coo at me when I talk to him in the morning.

He was so sweet and content this morning in the pre-op room. I think it’s because he hasn’t had anything in his tummy since 4 am. It’s so sad that eating – anyway he tries it – is so uncomfortable for him.

What a little trooper in his oversized hospital gown!

He was sleeping sound until we walked to the double doors and handed him off to the nurse. Then started crying. 🙁

Lord, Please help us figure out what is causing him discomfort. Please help us provide him some relief. And please, please help Mac be a good boy on his play date! Amen and amen

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