Therapy Updates

N is doing well with physical therapy. He continues to surpass my expectations. What little progress, and even regression, he has with feeding he more than makes up for in PT. He’s showing us that he’s strong and determined and likes to put nearly anything in his mouth. Total cuteness.

Despite these pictures he doesn’t enjoy eating his toes as much as other objects. See the scowl on his forehead. He prefers my hair to his toes which I think is especially interesting.

Here is a series of him in the sitting position. I barely have my hand on him. He stays for about three seconds but still it’s pretty good for him. I work on this all the time. Therapists tell me that having a strong core and the ability to sit independently is critical to him being able to eat. So we do this all. the. time.

I love this video of him playing independently. We work on that lots too. At the end of the footage he starts banging the rings which is one of his therapy goals. It’s so fun to see progress.

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