THE NATIVITY STORY Hollywood Premier!

Never, in my professional career did I imagine myself attending a movie premier in Hollywood. But it happened! This week I went to see THE NATIVITY STORY as part of a book project I’ve been working on for the last six months.

It began this spring when New Line Cinema approached us to publish three books based on the major motion picture – a gift book with images from the movie, a novelization based on the screenplay by Mike Rich, and a devotional book for the days leading up to Christmas.

The books were on the fast track from the beginning. Acquisitions scrambled to attain image rights and content while designers worked around the clock to beautifully package the products. Angie Hunt, our tireless author, devoted her whole summer to transforming the screenplay into a compelling novel. Meanwhile, I worked on marketing the books to the trade with catalog ads and merchandising materials.

They’re out there so go pick up a few for Christmas gifts!

More to come on my Hollywood experience…

My book, Beauty in Broken Dreams: A Hopeful Handbook for the Early Years as a Special Needs Parent, is now available on Amazon!

Also be sure to check out my list of Favorite Books on Disability!

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