The Morning of Surgery

Where to start?

Maybe that N woke up with a dry diaper. Dry for over eight hours of him being continuously fed formula by the pump. That’s a record for him.

Or maybe that M woke up with a strange bumpy rash. Strange especially around the outside of his nose and mouth.

Maybe that we randomly ran into N’s urologist in the surgery halls and he set some good expectations.

Or finally, that the surgeon was running behind and just now N was taken back to the OR.

Any of those options indicate a long morning full of surprises both good and bad. We are in the waiting room now and I’m just beginning to process everything.

The eight hour dry diaper was such a confirmation to me that we are doing the right thing. my husband and I were not specifically praying for a confirmation that we should do this surgery but both of us believe God blessed us with one.

As for the rash. Yeah, that’s strep throat. Big brother was taken to the pediatrician by my mom and dad this morning and then later to Target for meds. Good news is that he should only be quarantined for 24 hours which is especially good news to him because he was supposed to be the line leader at school this week. (That’s a big deal when you’re four!)

As we headed down to Dell Children’s this is what came through my phone, even before my parents called me to tell me it was strep.

I love my pediatrician. We have his cell number for crying out loud.

Next, the urologist that we so happened upon said we should plan to keep N on Neurontin. That the earliest we would see improvement from tethered spinal cord would be three weeks and the longest four months. He’s the first doctor we’ve gotten far enough to talk through the next steps with.

I don’t have too awfully much to say about the surgery yet because he’s in there as I type. my husband and I feel a combination of peaceful and nervous.

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