The King Who Defeated Death with His Love {+ a Kingdom Playlist}

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What kind of King would humble Himself to the point of death? Why would He do it? Who would He do it for? What ever would it accomplish?

These are the questions swirling around in my head as we approach Easter. My favorite holiday.

This year, I have been studying the book of Luke with my Bible study gals at church. It’s been an incredible experience. In the fall, we were able to meditate on the events of Jesus’ birth as we approached Christmas. Now as we enter the season of Lent, we are studying the Scriptures as Jesus heads to Jerusalem to suffer and die at the hands of men.


He wanted to receive a Kingdom for Himself. A Kingdom of people He loves. That’s us.

All of creation is a monarchy by design. I heard these words taught at church a few weeks ago. Our pastor said that even if the King was evil we would worship Him, because that’s simply what you do in a monastic society. But our King is good, He loves us and we get to worship Him.

We know this up-close in the stories of the gospels. Jesus is a unique King. A good King. Very different from what the Jewish people expected, and very different from who we think He is.

Aside from what we dare to think about Him, this is what is written.

Jesus is the promised King, the anointed One. He brought Good News to the humble and the poor, to the tax collectors and the prostitutes. He healed those who were lame and blind. To anyone willing to receive His message, He offers salvation. He released captives and gave sight to the blind. He is our firm foundation and our perfect teacher.

And He was chosen to suffer.

We see Him walk the road of suffering as we follow along in the gospel of Luke. The truth Jesus proclaims, reveals what’s inside your heart. The brutality He experiences at the hands of men will break your heart to pieces.

He did it for everyone. Some humbly receive His message of salvation and others reject it.

As He heads, knowingly, toward His death, over and over again we hear Jesus proclaiming the Kingdom of God.

It’s a Kingdom unlike any other. It’s a future Kingdom and a Kingdom that is already here. It is a Kingdom that will never end. People from all over of different nationalities, abilities, and backgrounds, will gather around a table for a great feast. In His Kingdom, outsiders are invited. This kingdom is near to the poor, the sick and those in need of healing. It belongs to once captives, now set free. In this Kingdom, the first will be last and the last will be first.

Jesus’ Kingdom is an upside-down Kingdom. A kingdom so different from what anyone expected. Yet, completely and fully what we need.

This Kingdom is not for the noble and refined, the prideful and the powerful. It is for the weak and unraveled, the poor and the needy of heart. It is for anyone who is humbly willing to come to the table.

Truly, this is a beautiful message.

Jesus–the King who came to reign very differently than any other King. His reign is established through His sacrifice. He defeated death with His love. He is a very upside-down King, ruling a very upside-down Kingdom. Or perhaps, it’s right-side up…. The way it was meant to be.

As I’ve studied Jesus proclaiming the kingdom, I’ve noticed so many worship songs about the Kingdom of God. I’ve created a little playlist for you here.

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