The Birthday Party Before the Birthday

Well we are entering into a week of celebrating Mac’s first birthday! Even though his actual birthday isn’t until Wednesday, today he celebrated with three of his closest friends from playgroup: Claire, Jack and Wesley. I am so glad he napped (twice!) today because it made for a fun time for Mac and Momma!

The theme of his party was football, which his dad proudly came up with. We asked everyone to come wearing their favorite team’s shirt. Mac wore a Chicago Bears shirt, Claire a Baylor shirt, Jack a Colts shirt and Wesley an Illinois shirt. We had a lot of fun decorating but my favorite part was the cake that I didn’t make!

Up until the day before the party I was planning to bake a football cake. Well, after hosting a baby clothing swap at my house a couple nights prior and looking forward to having guests next week, I decided it wasn’t worth it for me. The stress of making the perfect birthday cake didn’t outweigh the benefit of having made it. So, I marched my one year old over to Randall’s picked out the cutest cupcake cake I could find. I also got a little smash cake just for Mac but he ended up liking the cupcakes far better.

Here’s the birthday boy posing with mom and dad but not quite looking at the camera. There is too much other fun stuff happening for him to stop and pose.

Here he’s looking at the camera but not cracking a smile. Doesn’t he look so big here!?

Mac didn’t quite “get” the party hat. Here are several shots of daddy trying to put it on his head.

Ouch, looks like that may have hurt when he snapped it off!

“Last try Dad! I’m about done with this thing!”

The other babies did much better with their hats. Here’s Wesley:

And Jack with his daddy:

Okay, time for some party food. Never mind Wesley checking out Mac’s shoe as he ate. Didn’t seem to bother him one bit.

Random shot of babies. Together, but not necessarily interacting much.

This is Claire taking her bottle upside down! Quite a talented little girl!

Mac loves playing with straps and cords just about more than anything else. I don’t know why we bother to get him nice toys when he enjoys household things so much.

The cake that I didn’t make!

Posing in front of his birthday cake.

“What is it mom?”

Going in for the kill.

Me trying to encourage him to lick his fingers.

Lighting candles. Although we didn’t light them all before we just gave in, sang and blew ’em out.

Trying to get a photo with Momma but no luck.

Ready to dive bomb for the cake.

Family shot with Mac staring down the cake.

Here’s the famous cake eating picture. I’ll post more of these later. There are a ton of ’em. I was hoping to get video up too but am having technical difficulties. Suffice it to say he LOVED the cake!

We tried to line ’em up with their party favors like the last birthday party but it wasn’t as successful. They’re becoming way more mobile!

Mac enjoying the football party favor.

All in all a successful first birthday party! The place was a mess afterwards and it was totally worth every crumb…and Ozzie thinks so too!

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