The Beauty of the Super Bowl

Confession: I don’t really like sports. [sigh.] Where is the beauty in watching sports? And if there’s nothing beautiful about sports then shouldn’t they provide a purpose of some sort? Intellectually, spiritually, emotionally, even physically…but they’re not going to if you’re sitting on the couch sucking down Doritos (an official sponsor of this year’s Super Bowl).

I’ve even heard people argue that the value of sports is they provide some black and white, hard and fast rules of the game in a very gray world. This argument doesn’t mean much because after slow motion and instant replay, there’s still a lot of room for interpretation.

I don’t mean to come down hard on the sports fans out there. Confession 2: Since the Bears went to the Super Bowl this year, it’s changed my perspective on sports. I was pulled into the hype along with all the other fair weather fans living in the Chicago area.

Since the Super Bowl, I discovered the beauty of organized sports as a community builder. People come together to cheer for their mutual team. People who otherwise might be very different, find common ground in sports teams. I promise to look for this in sports from this point on, and whether the it’s the Bears or another hometown team, I will cheer them on in my own little way.

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