This year I consciously adopted the spirit of Thanksgiving without inviting the complex traditions into my already complex life. It was good for my heart to focus daily on the many things I’m grateful for. I’ve been re-reading One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp and practicing the discipline of recording at least three things I’m thankful for every day. It’s lifting my eyes above my circumstances.

I was also able to recruit Mac to do a thankful project with me. He’s been pasting leaves to a tree (his hand print) in the kitchen as he tells me things that he’s grateful for. Some of those things include: Lovie Bear (of course), his bike, his toys, his friends, our neighbors, Jesus, glue sticks, scissors. It’s quite an eclectic list let me tell ya. Mommy and daddy finally got added yesterday. I was beginning to wonder if we’d make the list.

Thankfully, our friends the Kinders, blessed us by cooking all the traditional Thanksgiving foods and inviting us to come and share their meal with them. I wish I would have remembered to take pictures but M was so excited to play with their son that it was complete boyish craziness from the moment his little feet crossed the threshold.

Among all the things I’m thankful for these two certainly make the top of the list.

I copied Abe Lincoln’s Proclamation of Thanksgiving to my blog several years ago. I love re-reading this because not only does it remind us of the history and reason we celebrate Thanksgiving but points us back to the One who gives us reason to be thankful.

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