Swim Lessons

This week and next Mac and I are taking parent/child swim lessons at the Y. I got the idea from my mom who took me when I was six months old. I think swimming is a great skill to learn early on. I want Mac to have a respect for the water and to also fully enjoy it.

He loves to splash around and actually does kick his legs quite a bit when I have him on his tummy. He also started to push himself off of the wall when I sit him there to him pull in for “Humpty Dumpty Sat on the Wall, Humpty Dumpty Had a Great FALL!”

On the other hand he’s not a huge fan of being dunked under water. He knows that at the end of the “Ring Around the Rosies” rhyme “we all fall down” means he’s going under. Poor kiddo. He comes up looking at me like “now why did you do that to me!”

All decked out for swim lessons. Mama put a LOT of sun screen on him.

Look at my little fishy!

Reaching for the ball.

And there it goes, straight in his mouth!

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