Swallow Study

Today Nathan underwent a swallow study. We’ve been wanting to do this since he was a week old but the OT at Seton didn’t think he could swallow enough to make it worth radiating him. Since we’ve been at Dell the Speech Therapist he’s been working with thought he could participate even if he aspirated. She thought this would still give us some more information about what is happening. It did. And he’s aspirating.

He’s aspirating on thin liquids, on thickened liquids, with all different nipple sizes. He’s even aspirating when he refluxes.

my husband and I went in to watch the study. It wasn’t particularly invasive but it really bothered me watching his little insides struggle with the liquids. He was hungry and really wanted to suck. Every time he choked he didn’t fuss or cry but I’m sure it’s uncomfortable for him every time that happens. It put into perspective, yet again, how hard eating is for him.

Our plan is to just do non-nutritive oral stimulation with him while he’s feeding. Ugh!!

Eating and meal times is one of my biggest challenges with Mac. Not that I’ve learned anything I can apply to this kiddo, Nathan is going to be ten million more times the challenge.

But he’s still super cute! He finally got a nice deep sleep after a long morning and afternoon.

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