Surviving Spring Break

Last week many of you were posting on Facebook how excited you were to be on Spring Break. The most enthusiastic posts were from you Lucky Duckies vacationing in warm places with sunny beaches and little umbrellas in your drinks. (You know who you are and I still love you.)

Meanwhile I was groaning in my mess of a kitchen and wondering how in the world we would survive a week without pre-school and our normal respite routine. I decided however, to obey my frequent instruction to my five-year-old and get over my “stinky attitude.” I geared up for the challenge and thanks to Free Fun in Austin, we didn’t survive, we overcame. It was actually fun.

Last Weekend:

We toured Laguna Gloria as a family. It was their Art-Free-for-All. This artist at the potter’s wheel was particularly inspiring.


We went for a walk/bike ride for the first time since fall. Mac is getting good on his bike and I’m wondering when it’s time to train without training wheels.

Monday evening, I talked my husband and Mac into taking me to see Cinderella at the Alamo. Though the boys in my house couldn’t entirely relate with the princess, we can all relate to the message “Have courage and be kind.” I hope it becomes a mantra in our home.

As soon as we got home Mac ran to give me this tiara that I got from the Cri du chat conference last summer. He then requested that I dance with him just like at the prince’s ball. A rare moment around this house.

Tuesday (St Patrick’s Day):

We ate lots of green foods (translate: fruits and vegetables). I wish I could instate a St. Patrick’s day food day at least once a week for my picky eater. He did great. Now we just need to get the second little Irishman eating.

We went to Whole Foods. Mac got story and snack time and I got some WF things I needed.

Last minute I felt like we had enough energy to tour the Alice and Wonderland exhibit at the Harry Ransom Center. I’m so glad we did. It only took 30 minutes but it was an adventure that opened Mac up to a new story. We are now reading it together.


At Mac’s request we went to the Georgetown Library. Primarily for the Jeep, not the books. Nathan even got to explore a bit of the toddler area. While we were there I spotted another special needs mom. We talked for an hour, comparing doctors and therapies.

In the afternoon we hit a second library for a viewing of Big Hero 6, Mac’s new favorite movie. Not Cinderella.


We visited the Tanner farm – Simple Sparrow Farm and Co-op. In the afternoon we played at Brushy Creek Lake Park with friends. It was an outdoor day filled with dirt and pretend play. A beautiful day.

By the way, I finally gave the boys a bath on Thursday. Up to that point, there clearly was no time. We were too busy having fun.


We wrapped up our week with a morning play date at a friend’s house and an afternoon movie with popcorn in the family room.

As you can tell I petered out on pictures by the end of the week, but I do have these to prove you can also make Spring Break fun with a simple trip to Target.

Whew. I’m not sure I could do that again if I tried, but I’m so glad I put in the effort. It didn’t go perfectly. By Thursday I thought it was Friday. By Friday I thought it was Saturday.

As I mentioned, I didn’t give the boys baths until Thursday. I’m pretty sure that was the trick to it all. No baths until the almost end of the week. That and Chick-fil-A for lunch. Two keys to a successful Spring Break.

Our week was out of our norm. It felt a little bit like life before Nathan. And it felt like I was giving Nathan a little dose of normal by exposing him to fun things around town that moms do with preschoolers. I discovered I need to build in a little bit more of life outside our house for him. Even though therapy is our sport and we are 100% committed to it, everyone needs a spring break. And everyone in our house got one.

Now, back to school you go.

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