Summer Vacation

We made our annual trek to Chicago and Michigan again this 4th of July. It was a lot of fun. I came home tired. I realized just how much introvert time I get as a stay-at-home mom. This trip consisted of visit after visit with family and friends. It was so great to catch up with people and though I felt filled up emotionally, I was physically drained coming home.

Here are some pictures of a my little wiggle worm. Notice that’s the theme of the pictures. However, he did great on this trip. I am so grateful for such a flexible little traveler.

We went to Bay Pointe for brunch on Sunday and tried to get some family pictures.

This is how Mac spent most of his time – not wanting to have his picture taken.

We tried every angle.

Aunt Carole trying to get the guys in chairs next to each other but neither one of them was interested.

In the chair.

Almost in the chair.

On the chair.

Okay, maybe I’ll sit down.

See ya guys. I’m outta here.

We went on a lot of walks.

Still not smiling for the camera.

Walking some more.

Looking for ducks.

Ahh…finally momma got her family picture. I don’t even care if he’s not looking at the camera. Mission accomplished.

Ready for a sunny day.

Can’t stay still too long mom!

Gotta wear shades.

On the boat with Grammy and Grampy. Da is getting pulled on the tube.

Notice Mac has a hat.

Pulling Da.

Notice Mac is not wearing a hat. It blew off. my husband could have caught it but he thought it was a dead fish.

With Grammy.

With “GG.”

Wearing the same color shirt, “just like Grampy.”

Grampy spoiling Mac with ice cream. He doesn’t get it very much at home.

Yum. Yum.

Oh sure, I’ll have some more.

And some more.

Gosh, if only my mom and dad would feed me this stuff at home. Then I’d eat!

No tubing this year. Maybe next year, little guy!

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