Sucking, Swallowing, and BREATHING

He’s never going to take a bottle.

(Deep breath.)


Just as I was getting used to “He’s never going to nurse…”

Yesterday we went to Speech Therapy. It’s been about a month since we’ve gone and I had lots of questions all sort of summed up in, “Why doesn’t he want to suck when he’s being fed?” This was his deal for so long. He’s a good sucker! Always has been. I thought that eventually the sucking would translate into a swallow and boom! There ya go! He’s eating!

It’s good news, bad news. The bad news is that right around four months the rooting and sucking reflex disappears. Up until now when you put a paci, or Nuk brush, finger, or anything near his mouth he would root to find it. He welcomed the input and really seemed to enjoy it. Now, that reflex is starting to disappear. The good news is that developmentally this is happening as it should be. He’ll be four months in a couple of weeks.

But gosh, I wish we could keep him sucking!

I’ve been noticing in the mornings when he’s so bright eyed and engaged, he would rather “talk” and “play” with me then work for his food. When I offer the paci during his feed, he becomes completely uncoordinated, chokes and scowles at me.

Everything in me wants to push this child to keep working on it. It’s my personality to just push through things. Like yesterday for example, if you can run one errand, then you can run three. Well, not with my kid. Mac, yes. Nathan, no. I took ’em to Target last night to pick up a Rx. That should have been easy but it was so. not. easy. I’m going to need to start running or something. I need a outlet for all the energy I have to hold back on his account.

When Laura said, “No crying while he’s eating.” I’m thinking, “Well if I could just get a paci in there then he wouldn’t be crying!”

I know she’s right. I know we are at the point where these feeding aversions could develop but gosh it SUCKS! (Pun intended!)

So here’s what we do in the morning instead of pretending we’re eating.

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