Success! Garage Sale and Lemonade Stand


I’ll admit I had my doubts. First off, garage sales are a LOT of work. I had no idea. Secondly, the weather was not cooperating with us. Saturday morning we woke up to freezing cold temperatures (okay, freezing cold for Texas, not the Midwest) and strong winds. Not ideal conditions for selling junk, but we were committed to the date.

Mac got up extra early to go hang signs all over the neighborhood with his dad. He was excited like it was Christmas morning. At 7:00 am when the doors opened, he enthusiastically started asking customers, “Would you like to buy a cup of lemonade?” Isn’t that what every die-hard garage sale shopper wants first thing on a cold March morning? Ice cold lemonade.

It was good for me to see my optimistic, faith-filled son be a little entrepreneur that morning. Despite the circumstances he did a great job.

Meanwhile, I had to push aside my doubtful self and let him have his day. Between the weather preventing me from organizing things well on the driveway, my back hurting and limiting my ability to lift things, and also keeping my attention on Nathan, I slowly let go of my expectations for how it would turn out. I was left with no option other than to say, Okay Lord, this fundraiser is ultimately for your ministry. Mac isn’t phased by the weather. I’m going to trust you, that however today ends it will be a success.

And it was.

For Mac because he proudly raised money for his class project to help Wheels for the World, a Joni and Friends ministry that sends wheelchairs to kids in need around the world.

For me, because I got out-of-the-way enough to see my kid shine (and got rid of some of our stuff too).

give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” – 1 Thessalonians 5:18

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