Special Moments in 2013

Most of this list revolves around N. In a way, this was his year. His great big grand entrance into the world rocked ours. As much as traumatic memories haunt me from the last year, there are lots of special ones too. Here is the best from 2013.

  1. Finding out N was a boy because that meant M would have a brother.

  2. My parents arriving in May waiting for N to arrive. Celebrating Mother’s Day and my birthday with them while we were waiting.

  3. N’s birth – being awake for the whole thing, getting to see him right away, and even hold him the night he was born. (These were all new and special things that didn’t happen for me when M was born.)

  4. Watching M proudly take on the role of big brother.

  5. N being transported to the children’s hospital. I’ll never forget realizing that was the first time N got to be in fresh air even though he was still in an incubator. There were days I thought he would never leave the walls of that hospital.

  6. July 20th when we got to take N home from the hospital.

  7. M starting pre-school for the very first time.

  8. Speaking at women’s Bible study about how I am learning to abide (John 15) and live day-by-day.

  9. Dates with G – Steiner Ranch Steak House for our sixth anniversary, Melting Pot groupon date, a couple of sushi dates and even grocery shopping dates. Not too shabby for feeling tied to N. But God provided people to help.

  10. Thanksgiving with friends.

  11. Christmas with my parents at our home for the first time ever.

  12. Many special moments of friends and family loving, visiting, and serving us – too many to even count – but God brings them to my mind over and over again.

  13. And finally, as of today, Katie found a big boy chair that N is able sit upright in. We are going to try our best to tackle this eating thing in 2014.

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