So There, Pinterest!

So there, Pinterest. Mac’s 5th birthday cake. You aren’t going to find it pinned on anyone’s board, that’s for sure!


He was right. I went to HEB the day before got a pre-made chocolate sheet cake (it was crooked by the way), threw on a Ninja Turtle figurine, the back-up candles, and then to make it even worse, I wrote his name way too thick because I picked up the wrong tube of frosting and had zero time to go back and get it right. It really was a sight y’all.

My amazing and creative mother set the bar too high. She would have been the quintessential pinner back in the day. My first birthday cake was a baby doll – an elaborate creation involving lots of cake and frosting of all different colors. Later she made me a Kermit the frog cake. I recall my sister having a ladybug and one of us had an Ernie. I could go on and on if she reminded me of all of our various birthday cakes. I love that creative side of her. She made everything pretty. Still does. I wish I had it in me, but hopefully I’m nailing it on some of the important stuff she taught me, because mom, I am so copping out when it comes to cakes!

I feel like I have one shot at anything these days. Sometimes I’m completely blown away by the ways God aligns things just so, and they turn out more beautifully than I would have ever imagined. And sometimes, like this sad cake, I’m humbled by what I’m not capable of, even when I think I am. Next year, I’m just buying a cake y’all. Don’t let me do this again.

Shauna Niequist in her book Bittersweet has a chapter called Things I Don’t Do. I highly recommend it. I wrote a list of things I don’t do several years ago. I think it’s time to revisit it. Because it’s not just cakes that I’m copping out on these days. There are other things. And it’s not bad to cop out if you already determined in your mind and heart that’s not what you are going to spend your one precious life doing. I like the intentionality of the list.

This is yet another blessing of Nathan. Pushing me to do less, and calling me to be more. So let me start with these few things I don’t do, and I’ll work on growing this list. This is the best kind of list. The kind you don’t have to check off.

Things I don’t do:

  1. Bake birthday cakes

  2. Sew Halloween Costumes

  3. Make homemade gifts for Christmas

  4. Cook every night (leftovers and Chick Fil-A are my favorite meals)

  5. Wash my hair everyday

So call it copping out, cutting corners, whatever you wish. I’m proudly telling you I copped out on the cake. But really did the birthday boy care? No, he cared that it was chocolate and that he got to eat it.


Happy Birthday party big kid. Can’t wait to celebrate your actual birthday next week. Your cake is going to look great…cause I’m not making it!

Here are some pictures from his Karate/Ninja party.


And more with his biggest fans.


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