Sleep, sleep and more sleep!

I slept for 10 hours last night! Not all in a row but I got 10 hours! I owe it all to my selfless husband who ensured that I could catch some much needed sleep.

Sometimes I think parenting is a lot about doing what I said I was never going to do and being completely humbled by it. Nathan has brought that out in me in several different ways but the big one is how we sleep.

He’s still in our room in a pack ‘n play…at least for the beginning of the night. Around one or two am he wants to come in bed with us. I said I would never co-sleep but he has us trained. So far it’s working for us because everyone sleeps and that is my priority these days!

Aside from giving you all my exciting sleep update, you should know that the procedure went well. We discovered there are three areas in the upper and lower airway that are causing the apnea. The hope is that they will get better as he gets bigger and his brain matures. Also, that we try to keep this boy healthy because he will have a more difficult time recovering from illness. Isn’t that great that cold and flu season is upon us?

The GI scope and menometry revealed that his nerve endings are not working properly in his colon and probably causing all the pain when pooping. We are sooo thankful that our amazing GI doctor was able to get a surgeon in there to biopsy him. Otherwise we would have had to come back and put him under general again. We are praying that insurance covers it because it was a very last minute attempt to get it pre-authorized. And by last minute, I mean I think the admin staff was making phone calls while everyone was in the OR.

Finally, he has a impedance probe down his nose for the next 48 hours to determine the extent of his reflux.

So now we wait. Once we get the biopsy results, we’ll know whether or not he has Hirshsprung’s and then we’ll go from there.

One sleepy day at a time…

Those arm splints are called No Nos and Nathan hates them.

We came home and switched to socks and strict survelliance. He looks thrilled by everything, doesn’t he?

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