Sick Days

Both boys are sick.

I’m taking vitamins religiously and compulsively washing my hands. I cannot afford to be the next causality.

Fortunately my husband has a pretty strong immune system from working in healthcare all these years. Now that cold and flu season is upon us he comes home and heads straight for the shower. His work clothes go straight to the hamper.

Ironically we were at the hospital for Aerodigestive clinic yesterday. Last thing my husband said before we left the room was, “The patient I saw with severe influenza was in here yesterday.” Great.

It was in the evening after we left the appointment that my husband noticed signs that N has caught something. Makes sense. He’s no longer on 100% expressed breast milk, we’re at the doctor’s office all the time and tis the season for sickness.

Yesterday N had a particularly “chokey” day. It was strange. The worst incidence happened when I was baking in the kitchen with M. I looked over on the playmat and N was on his back gurgling and arching his head to trying to open his airway. He started to turn color before I could get there. It took awhile for him to recover and I don’t know if he would have been able to do it on his own that time.

M appeared to be fairly clueless. I think he was just happy to be left alone for a moment with a spoon and batter. I surprise myself by how calm I can be when it happens but inside I’m all knots. I imagine one day when M is an adult, telling him these stories. I wonder what his perspective is on all the drama. Probably not much since his world revolves around him still.

So I am stuck home with two sick babies. We are going to make the most of it and watch some movies and catch up on coloring.

Before my husband left for work he gave me instructions on what to watch for in N. Colds in babies are scary but in N even more so. I’ve been warned about this by multiple doctors. It goes back to trying, struggling, fighting to remain open to God’s plan for N’s life. The unknown is killing me. Do all our plans for the weekend get thrown out the window? Should I have a toiletry bag packed in case we end up at the hospital tonight? I don’t know. It’s all a reminder I’m not really in charge. My job is to continually look to God for sustence.

We are on high alert over here.

Maybe it’s just a little cold and he’ll kick it like a typical baby. And if he does then I’ll be ecstatic because he’ll be better and it will be the very first “normal” thing he does. We like those milestones.

Let me leave you with a few cute pictures of the boys conspiring to get sick on me. So not cool.

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