Settling into Life in Austin

I feel guilty saying this but boy am I glad the holidays are over. Nothing seemed quite right this year. Opening gifts in 70 degree weather with just my husband, me, and the dog didn’t seem much like Christmas. We were thankful to get home for New Year’s. It was great to be with friends and family. I felt like my emotional tank was refueled after coming home. Thank you Amy for the “Love Group Brunch.” I loved being with you girls.

Now that we’re well into January we’re getting a little more settled in Austin. Here are some of my favorite things about the city:

Alamo Drafthouse Theater – So fun that you can eat dinner and enjoy a drink while you’re at the movies! Town Lake Hike and Bike Trail – I love walking the dog along the river (still confused as to why the Austinites call it a lake…) Mount Bonnell – This is one of the most beautiful views of the “lake” and you can also see the city skyline at a certain vantage point. Gateway Church – I am thankful that we found a church so quickly. It feels like “home” in many ways. Ztejas – Good Southwestern cuisine. Thanks Nelson for introducing us. Rudy’s BBQ – Thank you Cleary for introducing us. Who knew you could have great BBQ at a gas station. And County Line BBQ – Wow, was I stuffed! Thanks Nancy for the intro. (All you Chicago friends sure did set us up with some great restaurants.) Fav Coffee Shops – Mozarts and Halcyon – Best coffee ever! And I was happy with Starbucks…

So this is a little glimpse of our life in Austin. The day-to-day grind is settling in and we are beginning to love some of these unique things about our new city.

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