Saving Mr Banks

I don’t get out much. My husband teases me for not being on top of pop culture. So when my mom suggested we go see this movie I had no idea what we were in for. What a treat.

Saving Mr. Banks is an incredibly well done and inspiring film. It’s a story of redemption upon redemption. About coming to terms with your past. About letting go but not ever giving up. About the creative process and how painful and beautiful it is all at the same time.

I appreciate Disney much more than I ever did before. I’ve been retisant to vacation at theme parks simply because we have kids. My first choice vacation is the beach with books. my husband’s is the slopes with skis. Not exactly compatible. Not long after N was born all I could see was Disney in my future. Everyone who has a special needs kiddo knows exactly what I’m saying. Apparently vacationing at Disney is great, even with all the rules changing. I can’t say I was any more thrilled about this benefit of having a special needs kid, than I was to have a handicap parking sticker.

After this movie, I now see more of the background on Walt and how he wanted to give the childhood he never had to others. I appreciate it more. The magic as they say.

I won’t spoil the movie but it really gives you the story behind the story when you think there’s only one worth telling.

Something is brewing for 2014. I know Mary Poppins won’t be showing up on our doorstep but in a manner of speaking, God will. He has saved us. And will again and again.

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