Remembering the Last Two Months

It’s been a week since we left the NICU. So much happened there that I don’t want to forget. This post is more about chronicling our experience for myself but you are welcome to review the last two months along with me…

Last pregnant picture.

First picture of Nathan.

Daddy cutting the cord.

First picture of Nathan in the NICU at Seton.

Little brother now.

Bringing baby brother his baby Mickey Mouse present.

Out of the warmer bed and into a big boy bed with a mobile from nurse Rondah that he loved.

Favorite cuddly picture with Daddy at Seton NICU.

Sweet moments with mommy at Seton NICU.

Slept through his first bath.

Learning to suck on his paci, and hold it too.

First picture without the NG tube tapped to his face – in between replacements.

Pictures taken during Physical Therapy with Katie. We all love Katie very much, especially Nathan.

I wish I would have gotten Katie in the picture but I just remember that day how much he loved being touched and stretched by her.

First family of four pictures.

Little Nathan gets a nasty infection and feels really terrible and starts forgetting to breathe. This was one of our lowest days.

A picture of me hold him on one of the hardest days. I am smiling but those are dark circles under my eyes.

Getting transported to Dell Children’s when the doctors decided we need to step up his care.

Note the two pink tubs filled with frozen milk in 100 degree heat.

Checking out his new digs at Dell.

New bed at Dell with the coolest (and most expensive) gel pillow ever.

With Daddy at Dell.

Mac enjoying writing on the care board at Dell.

Sleeping in his bed next to the frog lovie that Mac picked out.

Sleep study. Daddy spent the night at the hospital that night but didn’t sleep much.

Worried mommy post surgery.

Hearing test. Had to take it twice after having a strong dose of antibiotics has been known to aversely affect hearing. Passed both times.

Finally feeling better and sleeping soundly in mommy’s arms in the comfy recliner. Mommy and daddy spent hours and hours singing and praying over sweet Nathan in that chair.

First time in a car.

Home at last.

We had so many friends and family visit us when Nathan was in the hospital. Many of them came to hold Nathan when we weren’t there so that we could have a break while knowing that he was being touched and loved on.

There were so many other things we had bedside that I want to remember – cards that friends’ kids made, monogramed blankets with Nathan’s name, a framed poem/prayer for Nathan to follow God, and several verses.

One verse became especially meaningful to me, “Call on me in prayer and I will answer you. I will show you great and mysterious things which you still do not know about.” – Jeremiah 33:3

Nathan has been a mystery to us from the beginning and though we don’t know exactly how God has purposed his life, we only know that He will show us great things about Himself.

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