Recovery Week

Not much to report. It’s been a week of letting. the. baby. sleep. That and ground level activity only. Late this week we started picking him up without supporting his bum and back. He doesn’t seem to be in any pain from the surgery itself so we stopped giving him meds. He’s still taking Neurontin of course. I’m still trying to wait patiently and not obsess too much about dry diapers. We’ve been told that the quickest we’ll see results will be in three weeks and the longest is four months.

Initially I started seeing lots of differences in N and wanted to attach them all to this “miraculous operation.” He was stretching his legs out and kicking far more frequently than before surgery. And the smiles. He was smiling like crazy last weekend. His whole entire face would scrunch up into this great big smile. It melted my heart. I thought those smiles would continue but they seem to be lessening over the last few days and he’s pulling his knees up again.

So I’m not sure what to say about that except this kid is a mystery. If he wasn’t so near and dear to my heart, I’d be tempted to leave him that way. A mystery. I have to figure him out though. It’s part of who he is and how God is continuing to call me forward and walk toward Him in faith. There are no easy answers or quick fixes with N. The only certain thing is the consuming love that I have for him. That and his utter cuteness.

The kid loves anything that crinkles. It’s started me on a quest to find all the crinkly baby toys I can find.

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