Random Fun Pics

He’s growing up…!

This is “Monkey Pack.” Monkey Pack stays on Mac’s back forever it seems. Doesn’t it look like he’s ready for school!?

Say “Cheese!” This is the first good one I’ve got of his teeth coming in. All at once!

More normal smile.

Chilling on the couch.

Planning his great escape. Reminder: Keep the door locked.

Yes, folks he’s losing his pants again! This is a very common occurrence around here. I know everyone doesn’t think he looks small but we really do need to gain some weight here.

Putting the keys in his pocket like Da.

Eating Grilled Cheese on the couch with Da. Apparently, it is very funny!

Eating animal crackers.

“Oh mom, I love my snack!”

Silly camera face. I have so many pictures like this because this is the face he makes when he sees the flash.

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