Photo Gallery of Matthew’s Growth

This post is primarily for the grandmas and great grandma who feel like they are missing out on Mac’s growing up.

A few days after his birth next to my husband’s hand.

A couple of weeks later next to my hand.

Fitting in preemie clothes quite nicely.

Growing out of preemie clothes rather quickly.

Still a little guy but looks like a little old man with a sprig of hair sticking out on the side.

Becoming more alert but look at the skinny little twig arms!

I wish I could say this was a social smile but probably just gas. He looks like a big boy here though.

Starting to wear newborn sizes (a.k.a. big boy clothes).

One of my favorite “Puppy Dog” outfits that he’s already outgrown.

Still little enough to be swaddled with blankets on a sleep positioner.

Busting out of the swaddle like a little Houdini.

I love the “Stomp Stomp” outfit (see feet). He just fits it.

Obvious growth from the last picture – what a chunk!

Daddy’s trying to encourage him toward baseball.

But he looks more like a lineman here.

Clearly not happy in this picture. I think because he’s outgrowing his clothes.

So grown up! Looks like he’s ready for college!

Well he’s done pretty good for only being 4 lbs 14 oz at birth. I’m sure he’s pushing 12 lbs now and will continue to outgrow his super cute clothes

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