Okay, okay these are WAY overdue!

I’m armed and ready with a bunch of excuses as to why I haven’t blogged in FOR-EVER! It’s not that nothing exciting is happening and I have nothing to blog about. Quite the opposite. My biggest excuse is that I am in school taking classes in web design. This takes up every last free minute I have. Free minutes only happen at nap time and bed time. Along those lines I have been working on another blog that gets more back to the heart of why I started this one: to capture all the beautiful and inspiring things I find in everyday life. I want it to be more of a professional blog for me where as this one has turned into my personal hum drum life. I’m trying to decide how to combine those two worlds because it my mind and heart they are in many ways inseparable. Stay tuned for more on that later. For now I am going to catch you up on everything that has happened on my iPhone since I last blogged. That’s the easiest way to get over my blog guilt! Enjoy!

We visited lots of sprinkler parks this summer.

Little man loves the water and isn’t afraid of it either.

Before it got too hot, we did some swinging on the back porch.

Played at the water fountain in the Domain and got very wet.

Another water park. He wants down.

Annoyed with my kisses again.

We did a lot of bike rides.

Kid loves his helmet and mommy is glad for that…hope it continues.

Dancing in his diaper with mama’s make-up bag (aka hat) on his head.

my husband and I at the Chicago U2 show this past summer.

We bought a new chair for the family room. Not this one but this shows my husband’s enthusiam for shopping.

Visited Clifford at the library…a LOT!

Watched the Biscuit Brothers in concert.

Got distracted and played with the fan instead of watching the Biscuit Brothers.

Rode the “horsies” for the first time.

Helped mommy pick out a pair of running shoes.

Rode the bike at REI.

Ate some ice cream.

Ate some more ice cream.

Went to San Antonio for our first ever family vacation (to someplace other than where our extended family live). Wish I had more phone pics from this trip.

Drinking shakes at Mighty Fine. Mama love loading the calories in him but I think it’s creating a sweet tooth.

Birthday season starts and according to Mac, “Jack. Party. Fun.” I think it’s safe to assume he also enjoyed the cupcake.

Continues to surprise me with interesting sleep positions. This can’t be comfortable.

Another make-shift hat. The Halloween pumpkin.

Eating a burger. Yes!

Dig in kid!

my husband and I went to our first UT football game. They lost. 🙁

Birthday boy with his daddy.

My kid’s not a craft kind of guy. That’s okay, I have little patience for it either.

Well, that pretty much brings us to the present. I hope to post birthday and Halloween pictures soon…I hope.

A special thanks to my phone for making this update way easier than if I had gone through all the pictures on our camera.

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