Nov 8th

One year ago today we brought Mac home. The night before he was discharged all three of us slept in at the hospital. It was the first night all of us slept in the same room together. One of the NICU nurses came to check on him every couple of hours to make absolute sure he was ready to go. He passed his tests. The next morning I was filled with excitement and fear as the nurses untethered us from the safety of all the machines and doctors. They did our car seat check to make sure our little guy would be safe on the way home. He wasn’t even six pounds when we buckled him in! I rode in the backseat on the way and hovered over my fragile little baby. He slept but still squeezed out those precious little newborn noises. He was still asleep when we brought him home. We set his carrier in the family room and introduced him to Ozzie. I think Ozzie was less than impressed with him but we just sat and stared at him for the longest time. It was a cold rainy day – perfect weather to just stay inside with our brand new baby. That was one of my favorite days ever. It felt like such an accomplishment to all be at home together, finally.

Homecoming Post 2009

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