New York Specialist Adventures Part 1

Taking the boys to New York was an adventure. If I had to further categorize it, I’d label it a comedy.

Mac had recently watched the Christmas movie, Elf, so he spent the majority of his time reenacting scenes from the movie. I can’t count how many crosswalks he hopped across or escalators he tried to do the splits on. He had us laughing out loud. And we all thought it was funny to see a taxi and yell, “Watch out for the yellow ones!” I am glad he controlled himself from hitting all of the buttons on our hotel elevator and picking gum off the subway rails, though we certainly talked about it. Here’s a short video of what it looked like for us to cross, nearly every street in the city.

Most kids Mac’s age are at Disney World if their parents decide to spend that much money on a vacation, but Nathan has once again redirected our course. Both kids took it all in stride. Mac rarely complained about how much walking we did over the four days of our trip. Nathan was just along for the ride and really quite content in his windshield covered stroller. Even though we weren’t at Disney World, we made the most of it. We did super touristy things the first couple of days: Times Square, Rockefeller Center, Bus Tours, and the MET.

Mac is growing up and his maturity showed through on this adventure. I am simultaneously sad that he is not my “little boy” anymore and so proud of how he’s growing more confident as a bigger boy. He was talking to grown-ups using the words “sir” and “ma’am” and ordering off the menu unprompted. my husband and I laughed with him and his Elf performances and even caught Nathan giggling at his antics too. He brings us all joy. I also learned on this trip that he has an appreciation for art. I was surprised by how the exhibits at the MET held his attention, granted we spent the most time at the Egyptian tombs and Samurai armor. He is a boy after all. Like his grandfather he wanted to stop and read the plaques in the MET, gathering information in his seven-year-old mind.

I hope Mac looks back on this trip with fondness and doesn’t resent the reason we went, his brother. Most people don’t come to NY to go to the children’s hospital. Further more, when most kids are at Disney, he’s getting a medical and cultural education, which I guess in the grand scheme of life is not all bad.

I often think of what he’s missing from having such an unusual childhood, and then I look at him, and think he’ll be alright. God has made his heart great big for hurting people and he’s always up for a good time. That combination of compassion and curiosity will go far in life.

If he forgets this trip to NY, I have a bunch of these videos to remind him just how much crazy fun we can have in spite of the medical hardships we’ve endured to get us there. More to come on that…

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