Nathan’s Homecoming

I woke up anxious yesterday.

We got to the hospital at 10 am not expecting to get discharged before noon. The nurses kept asking, “Are you ready? Do you have any more questions about how to feed him?” I felt like a little birdie before getting pushed out of the nest – not fully knowing how to fly.

The outfit that I bought Nathan to go home from the hospital in a couple of months ago looked a little snug. So I decided to dress him in another special set of clothes from his Gigi (great grandma). Here he is getting ready to go.

We had a tearful goodbye with one of the doctors who told us once again there must be a reason we are Nathan’s parents. Then he told us to keep in touch and let him know when Nathan’s baby dedication would be so he could attend. Our other favorite doctor also gave us his cell number – we could really drive these guys nuts with questions if we wanted. 🙂

I am going to miss all the staff so much. They took care of Nathan medically and lovingly. They also supported us as his parents emotionally in ways I would never have imagined. my husband keeps saying NICUs are special environments. I think he’s right mainly because of the people who work there. Since we have so many follow up appointments at Dell, I’m hoping to stop by from time to time to say, “hi.”

Here’s one last family shot outside of Nathan’s room.

After seven weeks and one day (50 days total) we are starting a new chapter of Nathan’s life at home. His nursery looks a bit like the hospital because of all the medical equipment. We are still getting the hang of feeding him. Right now it takes two people and a white board to keep track of all the details.

From what I can tell so far he likes being with us at home. Big brother sure is doing a good job keeping him stimulated.

I know there are some long, tiring, sometimes tearful, days ahead. And though I woke up anxious, I went to bed with Nathan right next to me feeling settled.

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