My Phone Call with a Nurse

A couple of weeks ago I phoned, let’s just call her, “Dr. Jones” to make an appointment for Nathan. We were referred to this doctor by Nathan’s neonatologist. Yesterday her nurse called me back. This is the gist of our conversation.

Nurse: Dr. Jones is no longer accepting new patients because yada, yada, yada… Maybe in six months you can get Nathan in to she her yada, yada, yada… You don’t need to see Dr. Jones now because you need to see Nathan’s specialists yada, yada, yada…

(Yada, yada, yada = lots of talking and redundancies)

Me: What exactly does Dr. Jones do then?

Nurse: Make sure he’s developing properly.

Me: Well, I’m pretty sure he’s not developing properly because he’s not eating.

Nurse: Well, Dr. Jones will put you in touch with the proper resources.

Me: Like therapists?

Nurse: Yes.

Me: We are already seeing multiple therapists.

Nurse: Like I said you don’t need to see Dr. Jones right away. She’s not accepting new patients now anyway.

Me: Oh boy.

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