My New Savings Plan

Yesterday morning at my neighborhood coffee shop, one of the locals gave me the most curious advice on saving money.

He said, “Never spend a dollar.”

Never spend a dollar I thought, seems obvious enough but not quite practical.

“Never spend a dollar,” he repeated.

I paused, “Dollar bills?”

“Precisely. Whenever you go to the store break a five, ten, or twenty. Never use exact change.” He insisted that if I try this for a year, by the end of the year I’d have enough money to go to Europe.

This man I’d never met – this coffeehouse sage – understood not only my financial frustrations but my cherished travel goals.

All along this nagging voice in my head telling me to give up coffee for the sake of Prague could be silenced! In reality all I needed to do was pay with my ten dollar bill instead of $1.60.

And he assured me, “You’ll never miss it.”

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