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My second PreemieBabies101 article posted yesterday! I confess I researched and wrote it first and foremost for me. I needed to understand the differences in therapy at a very elementary level. I hope others who are just leaving the starting block like I am, will benefit from it as well.

Although she wasn’t mentioned in the article, Marti Smith of Marti Smith Seminars Inc. has been an amazing player in N’s therapy regimen. Marti doesn’t fit into one single box as far as being of the education model or medical model of therapy, which is what I set out to write about in the article.

Marti has served us in far many more roles. Not only as an outstanding Occupational Therapist but as a friend, counselor, problem solver, researcher, resourcer (constantly connecting us to different resources), and most significantly to me, encourager and cheerleader. I walk away from our time together thinking,

“Well, he just may do more than I ever thought.”


“Perhaps he won’t be quite the behavioral nightmare that I was imagining.”

It’s refreshing. And oh so needed.

Thank you, yet again, Marti.

Here he is working hard for her.

Ironically it’s same week my little article posted to the PreemieBabies101 site and I am in the thick of researching new feeding therapies and music therapies for N. I am learning this is an ever evolving journey of what’s best for N. I am also learning that I am far more open to alternative therapies than I ever thought I would be.

Here’s an example of our openness to new things.

This is my husband recording a lullaby for N. We both did, only I’m not in the picture. I’m not posting the audio track either cause it’s awful. Completely awful. The music therapist assured us that it didn’t matter how our voices sound, only that N recognizes us when he hears us.

The sweet part is that we wrote the words to the tune of Braham’s Lullaby and now sing it to him when he’s going to sleep and can play it for him when we’re not there.

I love you. I love you. I love you little Nathan. Our sweet boy. Our sweet boy. We will always love you. Go to sleep and grow. Go to sleep and grow. When you wake, we’ll be here. We will always be here.

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