My First Haircut

This was not only Mac’s first haircut but it was my first time to give one to a baby. I cut my husband’s hair all the time but it’s really not the tricky, as you can probably tell. I just use a clippers on his whole head. I didn’t want Mac’s that short. I mean it’s taken him a loooong time to grow what he has!

I called my friend Cheryl for tips. Probably the most helpful was to keep him distracted. With my husband’s help he had toys, snacks, milk, playing and a full length mirror. We were set. Kid did great. I didn’t do too bad either for my first haircut. There’s one corner that I got a little short but we have a little while for it to grow out before Easter. I even used a buzzer on his neck and he thought it was the coolest thing ever.

We’re all finished!

Mouth full of fish crackers.

Mama trying to get a kiss at the end but he was so finished!

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