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I am no longer working and therefore I’ve needed something to occupy my time outside of being a mom. I really do love being a mom but sometimes I feel like I need a distinction in my identity – something that is totally separate from Mac and something enjoyable and creative. So, I started sewing. It’s not like sewing isn’t something associated with being a homemaker, which is where Mac landed me anyway. (Gosh, that has such a negative connotation to it.) The last seven months I’ve spent exploring ways to save money, eat meals at home, keep the house clean despite the growing mound of toys in my family room, and stay on top of the wash (a baby makes for a LOT of laundry). All of these things are very domestic. my husband informs me rather frequently how domestic I’ve become. I’m not sure what to do with that really because it is so drastically different from my life a few years ago. I miss working. I miss being outside my home. I miss eating outside my home. I miss wearing clothes and shopping for clothes that I would wear outside of my house. I miss basically socializing with anyone other than a seven month old baby who randomly giggles at me and a dog who communicates by staring at me rather intently when he has to go outside. (I really do love them both.)

I digress.

Back to sewing. So, I started sewing for a creative outlet. Some form of expression of me. I love wandering around the fabric stores searching for different colors and pattern fabric. I love thinking about how I need to cut, place, piece and stitch the fabrics. So far the scope of what I’m able to sew is limited. I’m big into nursing covers. I’ve done one for myself, a few for baby shower gifts and last week a friend asked me to make one custom for her. It make me wonder if I should look into doing them on However, if marketing taught me anything it’s define your audience. I’m pretty sure the target audience for nursing mothers is rather narrow.

Here are my nursing cover creations:

Then, I had an idea to do baby bedding for boys. Those of you who’ve had boys understand when I say this. There really is no cute crib and nursery bedding for boys. Adorable for girls, not for boys. I know it’s possible because there are really cute boy clothes. If I could take some of the boy clothing ideas and translate them into bumpers, dust ruffles, curtains, sheets, etc. I might be on to something. But again, small target market.

Who am I kidding it’s not like I can crank this stuff out anyway. If I’m lucky I get a hour and a half nap which can get me through two burp clothes on a good day. At this rate, my hourly fee is going to need to be huge in order to make a profit and make it worth my time. So in the meantime I am going to try to enjoy sewing for sewings sake wait out this season until I go back to working outside the home.

Next up: I’m doing some curtains for my kitchen and family room. I am going to need some serious naps in the coming weeks!

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