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I love back-to-school season. I love all of the shiny new school supplies on sale at Target. Picking out new school clothes at the outlet malls. The anticipation of new teachers, new friends, new books, and new things to learn. I’m living vicariously through Mac even though he’s only in pre-K.

This year feels like back-to-school for me too. A new start. I’m moving this little old blog over to This humble blog that I started in 2006 when I was in a drastically different season of life. I wanted to try my hand at writing little snippets of things that I found beautiful and inspiring.

When Mac was born three years later I had to write all about the trauma of getting him here through my pulmonary emboli and his early, unannounced arrival. I tried to document all of his big-deal baby things here like a scrap book, since I don’t scrap book.

Then when Nathan came along I could. not. stop writing. After his diagnosis, I found myself experiencing things that I didn’t even know were possible to [emotionally] survive. It was a season of crisis and writing helped me seek out and solidify truth in my mind and heart. That, in turn, helped shaped my sanity. Y’all helped shape my sanity. Some of you that I didn’t even know were reading this blog and would come up to me and encourage me to keep going. And in that way you have faithfully provided me a sense of community and support that years prior I didn’t know existed. Thank you.

Now it’s time to move over to a different format. From basic blog to shiny new website. It’s been an intimidating process to me. I took on this project at the beginning of the summer and had far less time to work on it than I estimated. Like most things, it’s so not perfect and is still a work-in-progress but…I’m going to show it to you anyway.

Many of you may have realized it actually went live last week. I wasn’t quite ready. But I needed help migrating the old content (too technical for me) and that launched me into the world of WordPress rather quickly. Aside from having help with the migration, I’ve done most all of it myself. This process has allowed me the chance to implement many of the web design skills from a certificate program I completed a couple of years ago. That part has been fun. It brings me back to my days designing layouts as Yearbook Editor. I don’t know that design is my forte but it’s certainly been a hobby of sorts to play with the layout and the content. Because, as I learned a long time ago from The Secret Life of Bees, even if its something I’m not fully good at, but I enjoy it, I’ll keep on trying. The initial product is simple, probably ever evolving, but hopefully still inspires beauty.

My ultimate hope is that this new website will become a ministry through writing about my life as a faith-filled special needs mom and a typical needs mom. Both are hard. Both are beautiful and rewarding. Both force me to depend daily on God. I hope you’ll follow me on over to

Please be sure to check out all of the different pages. I plan to continually update the resources page with new content and ideas as I discover them. If you have ideas to add, please email me at kathleenjill(at)gmail(dot)com.

Happy 2014-2015 School Year!


My book, Beauty in Broken Dreams: A Hopeful Handbook for the Early Years as a Special Needs Parent, is now available on Amazon!

Also be sure to check out my list of Favorite Books on Disability!


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