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Motherhood is both challenging and rewarding.

Motherhood is a whole lot of giving. It’s endless loads of laundry, last minute lunches, and wiping unexpected tears. Motherhood is scrambling to pack the bags for a swim meet or a surprise trip to Disney World. It is helping little students cram for their tests last minute or creating a science project that actually works. Motherhood is keeping the pantry stocked with things kids love to eat, and coaxing them to eat food that is good for them. It is convincing them to wear the dress or dress shirt to the special event and promising they can change into comfy clothes later. It is repeating yourself till you want to pull your hair out. But is also laughing till it hurts at a little one’s budding humor and learning from their perspective on the world.

When you have a child with a disability motherhood is complicated.

It is exhausting on a normal day, but soul sucking on a bad day. It consists of day in and day out medical complications that cannot, for the love, be figured out. Motherhood with a medically fragile child is working out not for your sake, but but so that you can safely lift your child in and out of the car. It is pulling out a feeding syringe in the middle of the park because, your tube fed child needs to stay hydrated too. It is getting used to gross bodily fluids spilling over you even though you should be well past the age of dealing with diapers. Mothers of medically fragile children schedule multiple specialist appointments in the hopes of figuring out sources of pain and praying that even if you can’t figure it out, God will and does and can care for your child better than you.

While raising a typical child is a process of letting go, raising a child with special needs is planning for a life of dependency.

Regardless, it constantly feels like more is required of mom.

I am reading More from for Mom: Living Your Whole and Holy Life by Kristin Funston. It is an invitation to rest in your wholeness. Instead of fighting to pull all the pieces of you, your children, and your life together into some amazing form of supermom, you can surrender to wholeness that is only found in Christ.

More from for Mom contains a message that I desperately need this time of year. In the month of May-hem when everything is busy and seemingly falling apart all around me, it is pure goodness to be reminded that I am already whole because He made me whole. And as I step into pace with Him I can rest assured that everything important will ultimately be taken care of in His strength, not my own.

Kristin talks about how “We chase joy. We rush around finishing things to get us there…joy and contentment linger just outside the window of busy and distracted. They are out there taunting us, saying if we could just wrap up the current projects or situations and make room for them, they’ll come in.” But, “Holiness is the only path with contentment and joy stationed along the way.”

Not that it is up to us to be holy. We are seen as holy by God if we are in Christ. Our life is to be an expression of this identity of being found in Him. And this is a life-long process, Mom.

“A holy life is not a perfect life. It is merely a life set apart.” – Kristin Funston, More from for Mom

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Truly, it’s a hard to be a mom. Remember to be gentle with yourself in this role. Rest in your wholeness in Him.

I was given a copy of this book by the publisher to review. I do not promote promotional books that I would not otherwise recommend. This post also contains affiliate links.

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