Matty Meeting the Grandparents

Mac has now met all of his grandparents!

He got to meet his Grammy Simpson while he was sill in the NICU. She came to help out right after his birth. She really helped mommy more than Mac at that point. It was nice to have someone to drive me to the hospital when I was still recovering. It took up a greater part of our day as we were making a couple of trips – one for the morning feed and one in the late afternoon.

Here she is telling him a story in the NICU.

Then, my husband’s parents came to stay with us in between my mom visiting. Grandma and Grandpa McClelland held Mac while mommy was napping and also babysat while I went to a couple of doctor appointments. He was such a good boy for them. He slept most of the time.

Last Saturday my dad, Mac’s Grampy, arrived. He babysat for the afternoon while mom and I got our haircut – my very first indulgence since his birth. Before we left Grampy with Mac we gave him a lesson in diaper changing and he was the unlucky one who got sprayed (see shirt below for evidence)!

They made up though and here’s a picture of them bonding. Mac is wearing his “Grandpa’s or Bust” outfit.

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