Matthew’s Dedication on Mother’s Day

On Mother’s Day May 9th, 2010 our church had a baby dedication. We decided to dedicate Mac on that special day. It was so significant for me because even though we intended to raise Mac to know and love God, that day signifies our commitment to it in front of everyone, family and friends.

Prior to the dedication I was reading about Hannah dedicating Samuel to the Lord. In her case it was a literal handing over of her son to the priest Eli to raise “in the presence of the Lord.” Samuel would go on to become a prophet and priest for Israel. I cannot imagine the sacrifice of giving your firstborn child over to be raised by someone else – even if he was a priest and even if he was to go on to do something great – and doing this after it took her years and years to conceive.

Even though I am not called to actually give away my child once he is weaned, I have begun the process of giving him over to God in a different way. And it’s hard. I give him over to become the person God intended, not who I would wish him to be. I give him over for God to protect and provide for him, even though I would like to think I am more fully in control of those things.

I will being learning this lesson of letting go over and over for the next 18 (probably plus) years as he first starts to dress himself, feed himself, decide how he wants to spend his time, who he wants to hang with, and eventually what purpose to which he is called. My prayer is that he would know and love God along his journey and that I would fulfill my divinely appointed role as his mother, no more and no less.

Thank goodness this was at the end of the day. Poor kiddo was tired and not feeling well.

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