Marathon for Adoption

Last Saturday my husband ran a 1/2 marathon in New Braunfels to raise money for adoptions. He did a great job. He beat his goal time and finished in 2:23:23. Mac and I were the proud spectators.

It was very early and someone was VERY tired though he didn’t sleep until we got in the car to go home.

Off to the races…

You can tell he’s sooo tired. (Mac not my husband!)

Watching for Daddy from the Ergo.

Home stretch.

Proud to have beat his time.

Mac enjoyed playing with Daddy’s medal.

Afterward we went to eat lunch at the Tea House and it was so yummy! The food is super fresh and they have very unique flavors.

This was Mac trying to pick up a piece of ice off the table.

Well done my husband. You did great and it made for a fun family Saturday.

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