Major Milestones

I know the point of a milestone is that you mark the point-in-time when something significant happens along the journey. However, I am just now getting around to posting Mac’s two latest developments that happened one week ago. On Tuesday February 22nd Mac took his first couple of steps on camera and we found a tooth poking through! He’s 16 months and it was a BIG day!

Here’s the video of him taking some of his first steps. Unfortunately he’s kinda backed off on walking since we took this video. I think his mom and dad may get a little over enthusiastic and overwhelm him when he does take steps. I am really trying not to be the crazy excited mom, but come on we’ve waited a long time for this!

And as for the tooth coming through I am beyond thrilled! I didn’t want a dentist poking around in there because they were impacted. I was in total denial that we would have to put him through that kind of pain and so glad we don’t have to face any type of mouth surgery, at least right now.

This little guy is on his own time line. He’s teaching me a big lesson that things don’t always happen when I want them to and that what’s normal for one person is different for another (even though ECI specialists may not say so). I am a proud momma!

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