Lovie Bear and the Christmas Program

Judge me if you want.

M took his lovie on stage for his pre-school Christmas program.

He’s four. Yes, he was the only four-year-old on stage with a lovie, a blankie, a stuffed animal, or whatever other comfort creatures the rest of the preschoolers had hidden away at home.

The day of the Christmas program I had a brief moment, in between diapers and dishes, to think about whether or not I would let him bring his lovie. I decided no. He needs to leave the lovie at home. I need to just deal with the fall out.

So I was fully prepared.

Throughout the day we were talking about his Christmas program and how special it would be to see him sing on stage with all his other friends from school. We talked about how he would get all dressed up in his best Christmas clothes. How all the mommies and daddies would be waving from the audience and taking tons of pictures.

I could tell he was getting excited.

Before I even could set the expectation that Lovie would not be making a stage appearance he said, “Yeah, and Lovie Bear helps us sing Jingle Bells cause I jingle him like this.” Then he proceeded to enthusiastically shake his little bear who has a rattle inside his stuffing to the tune of jingle bells.

My heart deflated. All of my “no Lovie Bear allowed” plans instantly dissolved.

How could I be the mom who deprived her child from fully enjoying the Christmas program? Afterall, that’s what I’m trying to do this Christmas season. Enjoy it. Could I rob my child of joy and still enjoy it myself?

So off we went, Lovie in tow.

The program was perfect. Exactly how you expect four-year-olds to be on stage. Trying their very best to perform Christmas songs yet completely distracted and uninhibited from behaviors not considered stage appropriate. We laughed through the whole thing. It was better entertainment than any tv Christmas special. It really boosted my Christmas spirit. I enjoyed all the songs my son and his bear sang, though interestingly Jingle Bells was not one of them.

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