Life Lesson #228: It’s Hard to Find a Good Dry Cleaner

The past nine years of my life in Chicago made sense. I got up every morning at the same time and went to my job, which I worked until 4:30 or 5:00 pm. I came home, worked out and occasionally hung out with with friends. The weekends were more of the same. That was about it. But at least I had structure…and friendships. Here – nothing.

Here, I get up whenever I start to feel guilty that I am not out of bed yet. I do some work for Tyndale here and there (usually in my PJs). I walk the dog, feed the dog, ask the dog if he has to poop (like he can answer me). I work out (a girl can only work out so much). But my BIG responsibility now that I am a stay-at-home wife is dry cleaning.

My husband has entrusted me with the dry cleaning which he just so happens to be very picky about. After our last dry cleaning incident I can not blame him. He’s been complaining that his shirts are stiff and the sleeves are getting shorter. I thought it was all in his imagination until we got these pants back from the dry cleaner…!

Stiff as a board!

I’m not kidding you. It’s amazing how cotton can become a cardboard-like material if you apply enough starch. We literally had to peel them apart at the cuffs. These pants could walk on their own.

OK at least I still have purpose to my life – finding a new dry cleaner in Austin!

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