Last Day of Lovenox

This was the last week of my Lovenox shot. I have mixed feelings about this. I am glad I no longer need to inject myself daily. Although I admit I didn’t do it everyday. Sometimes I forgot. Sometimes my husband gave it to me when I was just too discouraged and frustrated by the whole inconvenience and prick of pain that it caused. I am also glad that I will no longer have big, ugly bruises and hematomas on my thighs and stomach.

As much as I am glad to not need this $1200/month medication – and I’m sure Blue Cross Blue Shield is glad too – I am afraid to let go of it as my safety net. Last week I was having chest pain in my left lung. It hurt every time I took in a deep breath. It was all to reminiscent of my symptoms in San Diego. I went to the ER (again). My CAT scan came back showing no blood clots. All it is is inflammation in my left lung from not taking deep enough breaths and coughs. Post C-section I have been reluctant to cough because it hurt my incision. I am working on this now.

Last night my husband and I were talking about how and why we ended up in Austin. (We have this conversation a lot.) He said he thinks it’s because of the team of doctors we had here and how they kept me alive in kicking. And although we’ll never fully know the reason why I tend to agree with him. For that, I am so thankful.

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