Labor Day in Charlotte

This post is a little late but I do want to show pictures from our trip to Charlotte, North Carolina over Labor Day. We went to visit my sister, Beth, and brother-in-law, Frank. They are expecting their first in October – 10/10/10 to be exact! And it’s another boy! We wanted to be sure and get this trip in before the baby came, that way we got a nice tour of the city. In fact, Beth and Frank gave us quite a tour. We arrived at their place, got situated and Beth pointed out that they had created an info packet of all the fun things to do in Charlotte. They proceeded to showing us neighborhoods, grocery stores, health clubs and their favorite restaurants. They were selling us pretty hard core on moving there. Funny thing is just over two years ago we considered it.

my husband was, in a way, between jobs and we wanted warm weather and a place to start our married life together. When push came to shove we took the job in Austin because it seemed like a great fit for my husband and because we strongly felt God lead us here. In the midst of my family migrating to the southeast I can’t help but feel misplaced at times. I wonder lots why we ended up in the middle of Texas – somewhere I really never thought I would live. I do know that the move here has strengthened our marriage because we are in it alone and together. There is no one else but the two of us who have walked through the last couple of years. There is intimacy in that.

Aside from moving across the country the last couple years have been marked with a lot of health complications and loss. Loss of a baby. Then another baby but loss of my idea of what a healthy pregnancy would look like. The doctors that cared for Mac and me during the pregnancy are one of the reasons my husband and I look at each other like this was the time and the place for us. We encountered such good care. Doctors that knew each other, communicated with each other, and worked together in the most difficult of times.

We’ve also gained much here in Texas. Like, an adorable black and white cocker spaniel, a new home that I love decorating, a sweet little baby boy, the ability for me to stay home with him, and a church that we feel God is using in this stage of our lives in really cool ways. These are the things I need to write down and remember in the moments when I just want to be closer than a phone call from my sister. Maybe someday. In the meantime, we’ll continue to visit and I’ll try so hard to live here…in Texas.

Photos from our trip to Charlotte:

Though this was Mac’s fourth flight, we realized we never before got a picture of him flying. It’s much more challenging to fly with a 10 month old than a 5 month old, which I did by myself. This kiddo wanted to wiggle around and socialize with other passengers whether they wanted to or not!

The sisters plus Mac in Beth’s backyard. I love the green trees in NC. Reminds me of growing up in Michigan. I also love Mac’s expression in this shot. Clearly he was enjoying himself.

Mom and Dad-to-be in their backyard. Doesn’t she look fabulous!

Bundled up with Dad. It was chilly that morning so we got to break out the warmer clothes.

Enjoying breakfast at the pancake house. Beth’s favorite meal out…I think Mac liked it too!

Mom and Dad met up with us one day so that we could celebrate their 60th birthdays. They didn’t really want to celebrate but I think Mac made one year older a little easier on them.

Mac with Auntie Beth. He’s enjoying playing with her necklace. I’m constantly amazed by the things he finds to play with that weren’t intended as toys.

Thanks for letting us visit Auntie Beth and Uncle Frank. We look forward to seeing you again. Next time with Noah!

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