Just Another ER Trip

Why must they send the fire truck when you call for EMS?

It’s not like we’ve had to do it often but the two times we have, I am shocked that the firemen come in first all tough and strong and then don’t end up doing much.

Poor N was having breathing problems all day yesterday. Suddenly he got worse – as in really labored breathing and a loud honking sound – right as we were getting ready for bed. (Of course and on a weekend too.) First, we thought we could take turns staying awake beside him all night. (Teamwork at it’s finest people.) Then we decided if that was the case, he just need to go to Dell. my husband was about to drive him down when he started holding his breath for brief little intervals while strapped in his car seat. So, we called 911.

Turns out the little guy has pneumonia either due to a cold or aspiration. We have a suction machine at home but my husband said they were able to pull up way more gunk at the hospital, give him a steroid, and an antibiotic, and observed him all night long. my husband slept there with him while I stayed with M. I was able to pick them both up early this morning. Now, my husband is sleeping and I’m the nurse.

And M is the doctor. He put a bunch of things into his little grocery cart and has been walking around all morning saying that it is N’s medical supply cart. He’s informed me several times that he’s here if N needs anything. So far, he’s invented a machine that gives him his medicine faster. A rope so that he won’t fall out of his crib. (No, I didn’t let him actually put it in his crib.) And he’s given far more “shots” than any baby should ever have to endure.

We’re hanging in there. Just another day in the life of.

“Cast your cares on the Lord and He will sustain you.” Psalm 55:22

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