“If Something Ever Happened to My Kid, I Would Never be the Same”: my guest post on ourm

That “something” alluded to disease, disability, or death. And the statement was power-packed with fear over something bad happening.

Well one of those “somethings” has happened to one of my kids. My second son was born with multiple medical complications and special needs and I am most definitely not the same person. It was a defining moment for me, but it’s different from what I would have expected. I haven’t completely fallen apart. At times, yes. But overall the different person is a better person. It’s a choice. I can be changed by what I lost or by what I gained in that “something” event.

To read the rest of this post visit Ginger Newingham’s blog, ourmomentsdefined.com.

I’ve haven’t met Ginger in person, but she became a fast friend as we began to email back and forth about our kids’ medical dilemmas and how we are coping and clinging to God. I admire her lots and hope you also enjoy her blog.

If you’re visiting from ourmomentsdefined.com, you can learn more about our story here.

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